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How Java is “Networked” ?



Collection of Interconnected non-autonomous/autonomous computers connected with a server is known as Network.

The basic aim of networking is that to share the data between multiple machines which are located either in same network or in different network.

According to Industry standards, networks are classified into two types.

  • Untrusted Network
  • Trusted Network

An Untrusted network is one which there exists “collection of Interconnected non-autonomus computers connected with Server”.

Using this network architecture one can develop the Intranet applications by making use of library of (network programming – java.net.*)

Untrusted network architecture prefered by those organizations whose business operations are restricted to certain place.

A Trusted network one can develop internet applications by making use of J2EE technologies (servlets, JSP, EJB, etc)

This architecture prefered by those organizations whose business operations spread across the globe.

Hence, the libraries of J2SE and J2EE makes us to develop the networking applications like Intranet applications and internet applications respectively.

So that JAVA is one of the Networked programmed language.


Outstanding Features or Buzzwords of Java


Features or Buzzwords of Java:

  1. Simple (How can you say that ?)
  2. Platform Independent(How it is Platform Independent ?)
  3. Architectural Neutral hmm.. Architectural Neutral, but how ?)
  4. Portable (Java is Portable ?)
  5. Multi-threaded (Well, How Java is Multi-threaded ?)
  6. Networked (fine.. How Java is Networked ?)
  7. Distributed (Java is Distributed ?)
  8. High Performance (Java rated as “High peformance” ?)
  9. Interpreted (Java is Interpreted, is it ?)
  10. Robust-strong (strong ah, How java is Robust ?)
  11. Dynamic (Java is Dynamic, but how ?)
  12. Secured (How Java is Secured ?)
  13. Object Oriented Programming Language [ OOPS concepts ]