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How Java is “Distributed” ?



Software Engineer — Java

  • Centralised Application
  • Distributed Application


According to the Industry standards, Java applications classifed into 2 types.

They are :

  1. Centralised Application
  2. Distributed Application

Centralised Applications are those which are running in the context of single server and whose results are sharable across the Globe.

The diagrammatic representation of Centralised Application is shown below.
SBI Application
C1 C2 C3 …..   Cn

This centralised and Distributed library’s are available only in J2EE and not in J2SE. All the centralised application accessed by authorised people but not all the Real world users. All the centralised application will have private URL but not public URL.
The basic limitation of centralised application is that once the server is down, clients are unable to communicate with the server unless and until server is uploaded again.
In otherwords centralised applications always gives less availability of data.
A distributed application is one which is running in the context of multiple servers and whose results can be accessed across the globe.

In Realworld development process for centralised application and distributed application is same but the way which they are running are quite different. And Java library contains perfect features for development of centralised and distributed applications.