Why Java considered as “Simple” ?


How Simple:

    1. There is no complex concept called Pointers. Hence, application development time and execution time is very less bcz of magic of byte code.
    2. Java program contains inbuilt garbage collector program for collecting unused memory space, for improving the performance of Java Applications
    3. Java programming contains rich set of API for an effective development of an application.
    4. Java programming language contains userfriendly syntaxes which makes to develop applications effectively within less time.

(compiler ) – Compilation phase
First.class (byte code) – Intermediate file
JVM (Interpretation)
JVM converts bytecode native understanding form of OS
Get Result

Byte code:
Set of optimized instructions generated by the Java compiler during the Java compilation phase, and the nature of the Bytecode is so faster than ordinary pointer code.

Garbage Collector ?

  1. A garbage collector is a system background Java program which is running along with our regular Java program for collecting unused/unreferenced memory space for improving the performance of Java applications.
  2. Automatic memory management is taken care by the garbage collector program internally.

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